Natural Health

The most descriptive definition of Natural Health is issued by the World Health Organisation. We concur with their statement: “Health (Homeostasis) is not merely the absence of disease and infirmity, but is the 100% normal (natural) function of ALL body tissues and systems." (Read more…)

Type 2 Diabetes

Type II Diabetes is a Lifestyle Disease that can be prevented, delayed, controlled or even alleviated through a deliberate lifestyle change and nutritional supplement support. Learn how to… (Read more…)

Weight loss

Our all-natural system is designed to stimulate metabolism, control cravings, reduce appetite and burn stored fat as energy, resulting in Permanent Weight Loss and a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI). (Read more…)

Our E-Products & Services

Now is the time to take Personal Control of your health. We are standing by to assist you with all your Health Concerns. Read the informative E-Books, Blog Posts and interesting articles. “Look, Listen & Learn” with our interactive Live Webinars and Videos. …(Read more…)

What is Health? There comes a time during our lifetime that we are all looking for information, direction and answers. The Natural Health Academy is such an interactive community, where you can easily obtain information, direction and support regarding all the diseases caused by Lifestyle neglect. The Natural Health Academy believes that: “Health is not everything, but without health, every “thing” is worth nothing”. Over time and in all ages and walks of life, we also found that: “Healthy people have many Wishes and Dreams, whereas a Sick Person has but only one Wish.”
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